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There’s no time to rest when you are climbing to the top, therefore instead of relaxing, we used this summer holidays to reach next level and launch our partners support platform. And this is just the start. Stay tuned!


Introducing PRIME WHEY!

Prime Whey is the strongly improved follower of 100% Whey. Digestion speed and protein content are improved. This we achieved through adding whey protein hydrolysate and whey protein isolate. 

Of cause all the component are fully instant and we use our special stevia based sweetener  formula. 

The final product is a super fast digestible super good tasting protein supplement where the total protein source is 100 % from whey.

We adopted the serving size to our mainly American competitors (like Muscletech) and the result now we have 30g pure protein per serving. 

You will be impressed by this outstanding product and you will completely surprised by the shocking good price.

Stands out from competition

  • 30g Protein per serving is far more than others
  • the protein content is 5% higher
  • the carbohydrate content has been reduced to just 1.8 g
  • Stevia as sweetener
  • superior solubility
  • 6700mg BCAA per serving

In addition to our special spoon, we included a spoon in this product.

Introducing Platinum Pro

The Platinum Pro Line is specifically designed for athletes who live for bodybuilding. Here you will only find useful products that really support you in your goal. We use only selected, high-quality raw materials and monitor the entire production process. It is tested and combined with new scientific findings to form a unique recipe.

Just a quick note

For sure you know our High Protein Shakes. They are really performing and other brands do not have something similar.

  • Supports protein supply
  • 50g protein per bottle
  • Low-Fat and Low-Carb
  • perfect taste
  • ideal to-go drink

Prime Whey is available








” I really appreciate the support from Z-Konzept in helping me to build up a new brand in my country. What they delivered is far more I even was promised by other brands. Combined with Rainers expertise this is outstanding. ”

Mihai  Ionescu, Head of Sales, Romania


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