Vegan Protein 3 Stack

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We developed Vegan Protein 3 Stack especially for vegans and vegetarians as an alternative to regular protein concentrates. With the combination of three different high quality vegetable protein sources we achieved the extreme high chemical score of 186, which beats nearly all other protein shakes on the market. This is very important for vegans because the supply of essential amino acids is demanding related to this lifestyle. Our combination of three protein sources enables not only good tolerance but also very good taste.

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Your Vegetarian Alternative

The supply of essential amino acids for vegetarians and especially vegans is more demanding than for people who eat meat or dairy products. For this reason we have created a product which is the easy solution for people with this lifestyle. The combination of soy protein isolate, rice protein und pea protein is an extraordinary blend with an extraordinary biological value. This superb protein matrix achieves a higher chemical score than whey protein, which is well known for its quality. Our combination also has the advantage that the single proteins have diverse digestibility and this ensures constant supply of amino acids and superb tolerance. Often the taste and the mouthfeel for vegetable proteins is a problem, but with our combination of 3 supreme quality protein ingredients this is no longer the case. Vegan Protein 3 stack has a creamy consistency and a delicious taste with 80% protein content!

Sizes and Flavor

Flavor: Vanilla
Pouch with 500g



soy protein isolate (74%), rice protein (10%), pea protein (10%), maltodextrin, maize starch, flavour, sweeteners (sucralose, steviol glycosides), separating agent (silicon dioxide). Allergen information: Contains soy.  May contain traces of gluten, lactose or henns egg protein. Recommnended consumption: Drink two shakes daily, preferably 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. Stir 1 portion = 30 g in water.

VALUE100g30 g in 300 ml water
energy1576 kJ
371 kcal
473 kJ
112 kcal
therefore saturated fatty acids
1,7 g
0,7 g
0,50 g
0,20 g
therefore sugar
7,0 g
0,7 g
2,10 g
0,20 g
protein80,0 g24,00 g
salt3,6 g1,10 g
BCAAs**13,8 g4,14 g
* 1,5 % fat
**BCAAs = branched chain amino acids (L-Isoleucin, L-Leucin, L-Valin)

aminosavprofil 100 g fehérjére
L-alanin4,34 gL-lizin6,21 g
L-arginin7,57 gL-methionin1,22 g
L-aszparaginsav11,43 gL-fenilalanin5,41 g
L-cisztein1,94 gL-prolin4,91 g
L-glutaminsav18,46 gL-szerin4,77 g
L-glicin4,09 gL-threonin 3,86 g
L-hisztidin3,75 g L-triptofán1,16 g
L-izoleucin4,50 g L-tirozin3,65 g
L-leucin8,09 gL-valin4,64 g


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