Pro Isotonic Drink


Provides 7,5 liters of finished beverage. Pro Isotonic Drink is a beverage powder with 8 vitamins and 4 minerals, which also gives you the necessary fast energy for long training sessions. With super refreshing flavors for fast water supply plus energy support. Specially developed for professional use.

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Our Pro Isotonic Drink refreshes you in the blink of an eye while providing you with fresh energy from simple carbohydrates, 8 vitamins, 4 minerals / electrolytes and fluid as quickly as possible.

Isotonic means for the sports practice that the drink has the same particle concentration (content of minerals, proteins and carbohydrates) as your blood. As a result, the fluid is absorbed by the body faster than water. This also means that the minerals lost through sweating and other important substances are refilled faster.

sizes and flavors


525 tin

Orange, Cherry, Lemon Flavor


Dextrose, maltodextrine, flvour, table salt, magnesium citrate, calcium citrate, acidifer (citric acid), separating agent (silicone dioxide), zinc gluconate, L-ascorbic acid, D-Alpha-tocophero-lacetate, nicotine amide, ribofavin, calcium-D- pantothenate, colour (beta-carotene), pydridoxin hydrochloride, thiamin mononitrate, pteroyl mono glutamic acid.

Allergen information: May contain traces of gluten, egg, soy and milk (incl. lactose).

Directions for use: 35 g of powder stirred and 500 ml water. Drink before und during exercise. Best take from 50ml to 100ml at regular intervals of about 15-20 minutes. Take 1 – 3 portion per day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substituted for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of young children.

VALUE100g20 g in 500 ml water
energy1312 kJ
309 kcal
262,4 kJ
61,8 kcal
therefore saturated fatty acids
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g
therefore sugar
77,0 g
53 g
15 g
11 g
protein0 g0 g
fibers0 g0 g
salt2,95 g0,591 g

Vitamin-Profil100g% NRV*20g in 500 ml water% NRV*
Vitamin C400,0 mg50080,0 mg100
thiamine3,3 mg3000,66 mg60
riboflavin4,2 mg3000,84 mg60
niacin48 mg3009,6 mg60
Vitamin B64,2 mg3000,84 mg60
Folic Acid600 µg300120 µg60
Vitamin B127,5 µg3001,5 µg60
Biotin150 µg30030 µg60
Panthothenic Acid18 mg300 3,6 mg60
Chlorid 746 mg93150 mg19
Calcium442 mg5588 mg11
Potassium500 mg25100 mg5
Magnesium241 mg6448 mg13
*NRV = % of nutrient reference values


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