Anastasios Vasiliou

Runner hurdles, 400m, silver medal Euro 2019, 4 x national champion


Everything condenses only to less than 50 sec. All your work in the weight room, the training, your life. It’s like an explosion!

Passion for Running

You only see the next hurdle. It is your goal. And the legs run on their own.

What motivates me


I love pushing my body to the limit. The 400m distance is a killer – too long for a sprint and too short for real endurance. Therefore, you need to learn to go beyond your limits. Even if you notice the muscles are getting stiff, you still have to keep running. And if you can do that, you’re just happy.

The body has to endure the many hours of hard training, both on the track and in the weight room. Therefore, I had to learn to regenerate optimally and to get strength again for the next unit in the rest phases. I really notice how the right mixture of protein, creatine and other supplements gives me back the strength and makes me a little bit better.