It’s all about getting in the running rhythm

In endurance sports such as cross-country running, the focus is on the well-coordinated energy supply. At the same time, you should have as little body fat as possible. Every gram too much costs unnecessarily energy. Nevertheless, you need dry muscle mass in good shape, so that you can complete your distance accordingly quickly.

In the past, only carbohydrate intake was paid attention to, but today we know that protein and amino acids are at least as important. The longer the workout lasts, fat burning becomes more and more important, so this aspect should also be taken into account in the diet and supplementation. All in all, the athletes are considered more complex today and, above all, pay attention to optimal regeneration – this is a key to success.

In the following we give you a recommendation which products can support you and when you should take them. We assume a normal training or competition day. If you are doing sports at a different time of day, you should adjust the times accordingly.

Pro Isotonic Drink

For fast water supply plus energy support. Specially designed for professional use.

  • with 8 vitamins and 4 minerals
  • Carbohydrates maltodextrine and dextrose quickly give your muscles maximum energy
  • especially for long training and hard competitions
  • made in Germany

One of the biggest false myths is that endurance athletes focus mainly on their carbohydrate intake should focus. Runners who exercise intensively need as much protein per kg of body weight as a body builder.

In extreme cases, 10g of BCAA’s from the muscles are used for energy production during a marathon. If this is not compensated as quickly as possible by appropriate nutrition, this means obstruction of regeneration and thus loss of performance.

Quality is important to me, because if I do my best during training, I want to support success with good products.

Iva Primorac, professional tennis player WTA 513

In training, but of course especially in competition it is important that I regenerate quickly. Nutrition plays a very important role in this. With Z-Konzept I have optimally combined excellent quality with good taste. If you take the products every day, an essential point.

Olivia Wenk DSV ski racers

Especially in the preparation of the competition, it helps enormously when you feel physically how the supplements help you to achieve your goal.

Nicola K. IFBB Athlete, 2x Berlin Champion in DBFV (2016 and 2019), Top 6 of the German Championship DBFV 2018 and 2019

Especially with so many games we do in a season, it is important to regenerate optimally. The right supplements really help to give your best.

Slatko Horvat, Handball Pro RK Zagreb, 2nd European Championships, Bronze Medal Olympia 2013