Basic Protein 80 Powder

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  • Base protein as part of the Flavor System
  • in combination with Flavor Powder different shakes with 1 base protein, Flavors can be found here
  • 5 different sources of protein
  • short-, medium- and long-term care
  • 5,000 mg BCAA per serving
  • best solubility
  • 1 can = 60 servings
  • with stevia as a natural sweetener

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The perfect shake made easy!
This is our innovative concept to create the best-tasting creamy protein shake of all time, which allows for many flavors and still requires fewer cans and therefore money.
Many know that a 5-component protein shake with fast, medium and long-term protein supply is the basis for success. It allows you to have a consistently high concentration of amino acids in the blood. This means less hunger and constant care of the trained muscles.

We use only the best ingredients: whey protein isolate and concentrate, milk protein, casein and egg protein.
In combination with basic protein (without taste) and the different flavors, different shakes are possible. A flavor concentrate can is enough for 100 servings!!!
The result is an incredibly creamy protein shake with the best digestibility and optimal protein components.

Of course, our shake is free of fillers and aspartame and does not have the normal artificial sweeteners, we use stevia. We also use the fiber nutriose, which is not only healthy, but also gives a special creamy consistency.

Flavors and sizes

Taste: neutral taste. Can be used in many ways with the flavor powders of the Flavor System.

Can of 2 kg


Whey protein concentrate (47.4 ), milk protein (25.0 ), milk protein concentrate (24.0 ), whey protein isolate, (2.0 ), chicken protein powder (1.5 ), emulsifier (soy lecithin), release agent (silicon dioxide).

Allergen information: Contains lactose, egg protein and soy. May contain traces of gluten.

Recommended dosage:mix 30g Basic Protein Powder (with 5g Flavour Compound additive) and 300ml water or low-fat milk. Drink at least one shake daily, preferably after exercise.

Value100g38 g in 300 ml water
Energy1629 kJ
385 kcal
619 kJ
146 kcal
thereof saturated fatty acids
5,2 g
4,0 g
1,9 g
1,5 g
thereof sugar
5,2 g
3,0 g
1,9 g
1,1 g
Protein78,0 g30 g
Salt0,67 g0,254 g
BCAAs**17,8 g6,7 g
* 1,5 % fat //
**BCAAs = branched chain amino acids (L-Isoleucin, L-Leucin, L-Valin)

amino acid profile per 100 g protein
L-Alanin4,82 gL-Lysin9,12 g
L-Arginin2,50 gL-Methionin1,77 g
L-Asparaginsäure10,18 gL-Phenylalanin3,37 g
L-Cystein1,82 gL-Prolin7,12 g
L-Glutaminsäure16,87 gL-Serin4,64 g
L-Glycin1,80 gL-Threonin 6,50 g
L-Histidin1,88 g L-Tryptophan1,89 g
L-Isoleucin6,52 g L-Tyrosin2,89 g
L-Leucin10,65 gL-Valin5,68 g


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