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Martial arts

Rainer Zirkelbach

Rainer Zirkelbach

CEO, Food Chemist, R&D Specialist

Dr. Kurt Geiß

Dr. Kurt Geiß

Medical Doctor, Owner of Institut ISME

Ralf Ohrmann

Ralf Ohrmann

sports scientist, athletic coach 1. football Bundesliga and DFB national team and bestseller author


We are specialists for the time when your body converts the stress into improvement and new performance potential. Many underestimate this phase, but this is precisely where champions separate from sportsman.

Optimal regeneration (recovery) is one of the most important basics in today’s competitive sport. Because the most important time is actually after the training/competition/workout. The muscles stressed by the training must be repaired, the energy stores replenished, the psyche relaxed and the whole system made fit again.

And that’s exactly what happens – when you’re not doing anything, resting, recovering, or best of all, sleeping! But then your body works at full speed – if you give it what it needs.

Injuries, weaknesses in competition, cramps – all of this can be avoided with good regeneration.

Reward your hard training: give your body what it needs to be ready for the next session. We support you with products that not only promise the highest quality, but also make your life easier.

To do this, we brought together experts from a wide variety of areas and put the knowledge and experience from over 25 years in the sports business into our products.

When it comes to quality, we don’t compromise. You get professional products from us that were created in cooperation with many athletes and with:

  • The best raw materials, if possible from the region
  • Own recipes
  • Of course we sweeten with stevia
  • No fillers (your body really doesn’t need that)
  • Produced with the most modern production facilities in Germany

And with all this, taste always comes first. Even if everyone says their product is delicious. We see that as a promise.

Feel free to take our word for it!

Rainer is our “brain”, CEO, founder and by the way also food chemist and managing director of several major German brands. Above all, he has been an athlete since he was a boy. So he knows what it takes to get through his diet and achieve his goals. For his own brand (which is therefore also called Z KONZEPT), only the best is good enough for him. He stands for the quality of the products with his name. And we think you’ll feel that.

Quality is important to me, because if I do my best during training, I want to support success with good products.

Iva Primorac, professional tennis player WTA 513

In training, but of course especially in competition it is important that I regenerate quickly. Nutrition plays a very important role in this. With Z-Konzept I have optimally combined excellent quality with good taste. If you take the products every day, an essential point.

Olivia Wenk DSV ski racers

Especially in the preparation of the competition, it helps enormously when you feel physically how the supplements help you to achieve your goal.

Nicola K. IFBB Athlete, 2x Berlin Champion in DBFV (2016 and 2019), Top 6 of the German Championship DBFV 2018 and 2019

Especially with so many games we do in a season, it is important to regenerate optimally. The right supplements really help to give your best.

Slatko Horvat, Handball Pro RK Zagreb, 2nd European Championships, Bronze Medal Olympia 2013

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