Isolate Whey Protein

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  • Whey isolate of the highest quality
  • 0.9 g carbohydrates per serving
  • Ultra Microfiltered
  • extremely fast resorption
  • best solubility

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Isolate Whey is the protein source of choice for athletes who value quality and high protein content in relation to fat/carbohydrates/lactose. Isolate Whey has a protein content of over 90% and a lactose and fat content of less than 1%. It contains almost no carbohydrates (less than 1g / per serving) and due to the low lactose content, our whey isolate is particularly easy to digest.

Isolate Whey Protein has an excellent amino acid balance and beats any other protein with over 50% essential amino acids. Due to a special filtration process during production, the whey protein is present in Isolate Whey in a particularly native (original) form.

As all our powders it is fully instanizied, that means it is incredible good soluble and you can mix it without a shaker without lumps. This is of course interesting for other uses as well, e.g. cooking your porridge or making quark dishes.
Of course, we still don’t use artificial sweeteners, only sucralose and stevia.


Flavors and sizes
Flavor: Chocolate

Tin with 900g

Tin with 1800g

ISOLATE WHEY PROTEIN, chocolate flavoured protein powder for the preparation of a drink. With sweeteners.

Ingredients: whey protein isolate (92.4%), low fat cocoa powder (6.0%), emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavouring, sweetener (sucralose, steviol glycosides), anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide).

Allergen Information: May contain traces of gluten and egg protein.

Recommended intake: Stir 1 portion = 30 g powder into 250 ml water or low-fat milk. Drink one shake daily, preferably after training.


Nährwerte100g30 g in 250 ml Wasser
Energie1532 kJ
366 kcal
460 kJ
110 kcal
davon gestättigte Fettsäuren
2,5 g
1,8 g
0,8 g
0,5 g
davon Zucker
3,0 g
1,9 g
0,9 g
0,6 g
Eiweiß83 g25 g
Salz0,42 g0,126 g
BCAAs*18,7 g5,6 g
*BCAAs = verzweigtkettige Aminosäuren (L-Isoleucin, L-Leucin, L-Valin)

Aminosäurenprofil pro 100 g Eiweiß
L-Alanin4,81 gL-Lysin8,85 g
L-Arginin2,58 gL-Methionin2,01 g
L-Asparaginsäure10,83 gL-Phenylalanin3,05 g
L-Cystein2,26 gL-Prolin6,79 g
L-Glutaminsäure17,22 gL-Serin4,44 g
L-Glycin1,82 gL-Threonin 6,83 g
L-Histidin1,40 g L-Tryptophan1,72 g
L-Isoleucin6,40 g L-Tyrosin2,83 g
L-Leucin10,22 gL-Valin5,92 g


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