Fighting to the end

Team sport stands for sports like football, handball, hockey and tennis. Although they all have a different focus, many things are similar. Because these interval sports are mainly about speed and coordination.

In addition, you have to be fully fit for at least 60, 90 or more minutes with an average game and often the performance is decisive in the end. Endurance is also important. Therefore, you should focus on building or maintaining dry muscle mass with little fat and providing sufficient stamina and energy reserves. No easy task for training and nutrition.

In the course of current research, more and more emphasis is placed on recovery. This is where the training turns into an increase of performance. In the following we give you a recommendation which products can support you and when you should take them. We assume a normal training or competition day. If you are doing sports at a different time of day, you should adjust the times accordingly.

Magnesium Shots

Magnesium is an absolutely essential mineral, more than 600 metabolic processes in the body depend on magnesium. Athletes have an increased magnesium requirement due to increased muscle performance and sweating. We have opted for the liquid form for this important product, which guarantees a quick and immediate effect.

  • high-quality magnesium citrate, for high bioavailability
  • 260 mg pure magnesium is more than 2/3 of the daily intake recommendation.
  • 1.4 mg vitamin B6 per serving, which should additionally support the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion of magnesium.
  • for natural and fresh taste our Magnesium+B6 Shots contains real orange juice concentrate

In the past, for example, football did not place great emphasis on nutrition, but play tactics, ball control and running training were the focus. Today, all the big teams have nutritionists and especially in a tough season with many games, the best possible recovery and regeneration is crucial for long-term success.

Of course, this also applies to other team sports and if you want to move forward as an ambitious athlete, you should pay attention for sufficient rest and the necessary nutrition.

Quality is important to me, because if I do my best during training, I want to support success with good products.

Iva Primorac, professional tennis player WTA 513

In training, but of course especially in competition it is important that I regenerate quickly. Nutrition plays a very important role in this. With Z-Konzept I have optimally combined excellent quality with good taste. If you take the products every day, an essential point.

Olivia Wenk DSV ski racers

Especially in the preparation of the competition, it helps enormously when you feel physically how the supplements help you to achieve your goal.

Nicola K. IFBB Athlete, 2x Berlin Champion in DBFV (2016 and 2019), Top 6 of the German Championship DBFV 2018 and 2019

Especially with so many games we do in a season, it is important to regenerate optimally. The right supplements really help to give your best.

Slatko Horvat, Handball Pro RK Zagreb, 2nd European Championships, Bronze Medal Olympia 2013