Martial arts

I am what I am. A fighter!

Martial arts is mainly about explosive and maximum strength while at the same time perfect body control and coordination. A fight can also go over 12 rounds and then of course endurance is also required. And that is precisely the challenge of meeting both requirements.

The focus is therefore on building up or maintaining lean muscle mass, low body fat content, building up sufficient glycogen reserves and storing as much creatine phosphate as possible. The focus of the diet must therefore be on protein and amino acids. Various dietary supplements such as L-carnitine and creatine can also support your success.

In the following we give you a recommendation which products can support you and when you should take them. We assume a normal training or competition day. If you are doing sports at a different time of day, you should adjust the times accordingly.

Ultimate Booster

Especially in martial arts, the focus is an essential success factor. It is a combination of all essential ingredients that allow you to practice hard and effectively. Without exaggeration – you can literally feel the power in your muscles.

  • optimal formula of carbohydrates available in the short and medium term
  • with stimulating caffeine
  • Beta alanine, AKG and L-ornithine, taurine,
  • BCAAs, L-glutamine, L-carnitine and citruline malate.


In martial arts, the challenge is to quickly regenerate in competition after the first fight in order to be fit for the next fight. Proteins are very important here. The Ultimate Booster or our Guarana Shot is excellent to go back into the next round fully concentrated.

After the training, all must be taken into account for the regeneration, so that the muscles can react optimally.

Quality is important to me, because if I do my best during training, I want to support success with good products.

Iva Primorac, professional tennis player WTA 513

Training is important, but the diet brings you the right and visible success. I have experienced myself that, for example, protein is not always protein. Many factors play a role here, from raw material to processing and, of course, the recipe. At Z-Konzept, real professionals are at work, here I have 100% confidence.

Mousa Esmaeilpour, Bodybuilder and VIP Personal Coach, Iran

In training, but of course especially in competition it is important that I regenerate quickly. Nutrition plays a very important role in this. With Z-Konzept I have optimally combined excellent quality with good taste. If you take the products every day, an essential point.

Olivia Wenk DSV ski racers

If you have your diet in mind every day, you will know how pleasant it is when taste and effect really fit.

Sascha G., Bodybuilder, 2017 DBVF 2. Winner Berlin (Men 4), 2019 NAC Eastgerman Master + Overall Winner and International German Runner-Up (Body 1)

I pay attention to high quality in the daily diet and therefore it is equally important to me that my supplements are of a very high quality.

Nadja G., Figure class, 2019 East German champion at the NAC and international German runner-up

Especially in the preparation of the competition, it helps enormously when you feel physically how the supplements help you to achieve your goal.

Nicola K. IFBB Athlete, 2x Berlin Champion in DBFV (2016 and 2019), Top 6 of the German Championship DBFV 2018 and 2019

Especially with so many games we do in a season, it is important to regenerate optimally. The right supplements really help to give your best.

Slatko Horvat, Handball Pro RK Zagreb, 2nd European Championships, Bronze Medal Olympia 2013