Elena Mosfilioti

professional Volleyball Player, Libero, International Cyprus Volleyball Team, AEK Larnacas. Winner Cyprus Cup 2017-2018.


When I’m on the court, I forget everything. I’m just in the moment and think about the next moves. There is nothing better!

Passion for Volleyball

Every fiber of my body is tense to react quickly. I can only really relax hours later.

What motivates me

Elena Mosfilioti

In training, the game is actually in the focus. But I really like to improve the physical conditions in the weight room again and again. I like weights, even though I don’t look like that. But training the muscle to the max is a great feeling.

Since my sport requires a lot of speed, I try to keep my protein input high. This is not possible without supplements. That’s why the taste is also very important to me, after all, I drink 1-2 shakes a day. BCAAs and magnesium should not be missing, especially to promote regeneration. In addition, I always do a creatine phase in the offseason to strengthen the muscles again. It is very nice to have a professional partner here, who not only has great products, but also always stands by with help and advice.