Frequently Asked Questions

Questions to shop
How do I redeem a voucher?

When you have put all your desired items to the basket, you go to the next step to the shopping cart. Here’s a box titled “Coupon Code” – just type in and redeem code here, and the coupon amount will be deducted directly from your bill – simple and uncomplicated.

How can I pay

By us you can pay by PayPal, prepayment or credit card.

Can I only buy online here in Germany?

Yes, we deliver only within Germany and not abroad.

Which shipping costs are calculated?

We have no minimum order value!

Generally we charge 4.90 € shipping and handling fee, (including VAT).

Free Shipping : Free shipping on orders over 39 EUR.

Delivery : If we have all products in stock, you will usually get the products you order within 1-3 business days.

Returns : We guarantee the quality of our products. Should something still not fit your expectations, you have a right of return of 30 days. See our cancellation policy.

Why Z-Konzept?
Why do we do what we do?

One of the biggest problems for most athletes is finding the right products that meet their training goals. This is not easy with the large number of manufacturers. Therefore, we do not want to offer you products that differ only minimally. We focused on the really important categories. Here, we control every step from the raw materials, through our own recipes to high-emd production. We combine the best ingredients and try for each product to realize the most meaningful solution that supports you in your lifestyle.

My account
How do I register?

Registration is easy!
Just go to our registration page or sign up for the newsletter to get daily nutrition tips and special offers.

How do I get access to your limited offers?

We want you to not miss any of our exclusive offers. Therefore, you automatically get access to who you register. By deselecting the box at registration you can unsubscribe from our exclusive emails. Alternatively, everyone can register for our newsletter.
Of course, you can always unsubscribe from the list without asking questions.

quality issues
What does it mean that your powders are instanated?

The solubility especially in water is an essential factor for everyday life. Because lumps do not taste and you just have less benefit. Therefore, in our powder, the surface is specially refined, so that man usually by simply stirring the powder can dissolve. This is a complex process that many manufacturers avoid for cost reasons, we find it very important.

Since many also use the protein to stir in yogurt or a pancake dough, this is of course also pleasant.

Ist Whey nicht gleich Whey, egal von wem ich das kaufe?

One should think that, but it is not so. Many manufacturers are not quite as accurate and add other things to their whey protein in order to artificially increase the protein content and less of the then quite expensive whey (whey) protein. This is often not recognizable to the layman, but usually one notices it due to poor digestibility or solubility. So there is now no raw material for Whey concentrate to buy, containing more than 79% protein. Then there are other ingredients added (taste, sweeteners, etc.). Nevertheless, many have a higher salary. Here, unfortunately, much is tricked and made on the edge of legality.