100 L-Glutamine Powder

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With a proportion of 20, glutamine is the main component of the pool of free amino acids in the blood. The highest concentration of glutamine is found in the muscle cell, where it is also mainly synthesized.

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One of the functions is the water storage in the muscle cell and under intense stress it causes the increase in cell volume. This is seen as an anabolic signal that supports proliferation (growth and proliferation of cells). This also means that the synthesis of protein and glycogen is supported. That’s why we recommend glutamine as one of the dietary supplements you should take regularly and constantly. As a dosage you should take 5g of our high-quality glutamine per day
Flavors and sizes
400g tin, powder without taste
L-glutamine (100% ).

Allergen information: Traces of gluten, soy, lactose and egg protein cannot be excluded.

Recommended intake:consume 2 portions of 5 g (=10 g) per day stirred in water or juice or added to a meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.


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