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In times of corona, it is especially important to strengthen the immune system. What can be done? In addition to protective behaviors and frequent hand washing (is even better than most disinfectants), nutrition also plays an important role. Basically, the immune system is a part of the metabolism, as is muscle building or energy production. In short, it takes care to remove foreign and unwanted organisms and sub-dances and destroys faulty cells on the body. As part of the metabolism, the body needs energy and building materials for this. Here are some highlights to help you take preventive action.

1. Glutamine makes the immune system strong

Because if you’re infected with a virus, it’s important that your immune system responds quickly. This is because a virus can multiply extremely quickly in a very short time. Accordingly, many immune cells must be available to fight it. These consist of amino acids, the components of protein. In particular, however, an amino acid is important, the L-glutamine. It is both the main component of the cells of the immune system and their fuel. Unlike other cells, immune cells do not burn sugar, only this amino acid.

In the case of an infection, we need ten times more glutamine!

If we suffer from an infection or the immune system is simply very active, we consume more glutamine than if you are healthy. Up to ten times as much of this amino acid is removed from the muscles. Even if the body can form the glutamine itself, it becomes clear that it is helpful in times to supply the system adequately.

We have therefore produced our L-glutamine in pure form (without flavour) under the purest conditions. Then you can mix it anywhere and will be always well supplied. It dissolves perfectly and 2 x 5g a day is enough to protect your system.

2. Protein – building block of life

All defensive actions that the body has (formation of antibodies in viruses or production of white blood cells in bacteria) require cells and messengers composed of amino acids. Therefore, the optimal supply of protein and especially the essential amino acids is extremely important. Pay attention to a complete amino acid profile and above all a long-term protein supply. The fast whey (whey) protein is only interesting here at the beginning. It is easier to take a multi-component protein such as our Protein 80 5 Stack, which uses several protein sources and thus also allows a longer supply.

3. Minerals – nothing can be done without them

All regenerative processes are extremely important because when a virus attacks the body cells, repair is particularly important. Again, everything that supports regeneration in the normal sports area helps, such as amino acids, complex proteins, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Zinc and magnesium are particularly important for the immune system, as these are important components of functional enzymes that do the main work in the immune system.


Zinc is one of the essential (vital) trace elements and is a cofactor of numerous body enzymes. It is involved in cell growth, insulin storage, wound healing and an intact immune system, among other things. This is based on improved maturation of immune cells (T-lymphocytes) on the one hand and on an increase in the number on the other. It is therefore not surprising that a lack of zinc is also linked to an increased susceptibility to infection.

In addition, zinc should be able to block the receptors of rhinoviruses – the main culprits of a flu-like infection – and thus prevent the virus from attaching to mucosal cells in e.g. the mouth and nose. If rhinoviruses have already spread in the body, zinc helps to curb reproduction. All these functions are good evidence that zinc can be effective in colds.


The human immune system is a highly complex system of various processes, from the detection of antigens to the activation of antibodies. A large number of different enzymes and messenger substances are involved in these processes. Magnesium affects the immune system in countless different places.

These two minerals together with vitamin D3 and selenium are found in our high-dose D3 plus mineral capsules.

4. Reduce stress – maximize sleep

Other important things for regeneration are little stress and as much sleep as possible. Stress puts strain on the system and the body regenerates optimally during sleep. In high phases for infection like now, it makes sense to train less intensively. Because the immune system as part of the metabolism is already running at full speed and intensive sports form an additional stress factor here. Moderate and usual training scopes are good and useful, but limits should not be shifted now.

During sleep, the body regenerates optimally and releases growth hormone. To relax perfectly there are many tricks, it is important that you see this holistically. Especially in the Western world, psychological relaxation is often neglected.

For professional sports, we have developed Ultimate Recovery, which supports the athlete at all levels. In addition to L-glutamine, zinc, magnesium, and a high-quality protein mix, it also has L-tryptophane, which promotes mental relaxation. This essential amino acid is converted in the body into serotonin, an important neurotransmitter.

5. L-Carnitine – the secret champion

Many studies show that L-carnitine stabilizes the cell membranes. Most people know it as an important part of fat metabolism, but L-carnitine is also extremely important for strengthening the immune system. Immune cells contain an extraordinary amount of L-carnitine and the L-carnitine requirement of this cell increases sharply in the event of an acute infection. L-carnitine is considered a natural immune stimulator, and provides optimal protection for cell membranes, the immune system is activated and is strengthened in its function.

All in all, of course, these are just a few approaches. You can’t stress enough how important a good and balanced diet is. Fresh and healthy food may be a little more expensive, but give you a lot more. The more processed a food is, the less important building materials can be given to your body. In addition, of course, always drink enough, as without water all processes run worse or slower.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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